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21st Century Thought Leadership

“A 21st Century thought leader sees networks and interconnections that are not obvious to the rest of us, explains those connections and networks in terms that the rest of us can grasp and advocates for action based on the bigger picture.” (Jeff Mcintre – Strasburg founder and editor Sustainblog)

Joreta as an organization with a large membership is challenged to have leadership that is in tune with the times and dynamic enough to can embrace 21st Century thought leadership in order to can establish formidable teams that would leverage upon the talent of members that are not necessarily in leadership structures in order to advance the success of the organisation in all of its objectives.

The essence of Thought Leadership includes amongst others;

  • Joint effective visioning
  • Valuing the person
  • Compassion
  • Inspiration
  • Handling conflicts in a constructive manner
  • Building commitment
  • Collaborative thinking and constructive teamwork
  • Collective focus
  • Acknowledging talents of others
  • Showcasing the talents of others in the best interest of the organisation

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that for the sustainability of Joreta beyond our lifetime and for the benefit of our individual personal growth in navigating our twilight years it would be unwise to ignore the importance of the salient prescripts of “21st Century Thought Leadership” in our organisation.

By Linda Zabala

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