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Part 1: History and Development

It was in 1989 when the Johannesburg Retired Teachers Association (JORETA) was first established with 20 members. The burial cover for a member then was R 200.00 with the replacement fund of R 5.00 per member. Later, it became an amount of R 1,000.00 with the replacement of R 10.00 per member. By the year 2003, the burial contribution was R 3,000.00 for a member and R 1,500.00 for a spouse. As of this year, the burial cover has increased to R25,000.00 for a member with a replacement amount of R30.00 and R6,000.00 for a member’s spouse with a replacement of R10.00. Members will not enjoy the burial contribution, but it will be appreciated by our loved ones when we are no more.

In 2003, JORETA Dobsonville area was formed, and it has turned 20 years this year, calling for a little celebration.

Its inception in 2003 was under the chairpersonship of Ms. Aculia Kau (MHSRIP) and Ms. Zanele Tshabalala (MHSRIP), who were the first two members from Dobsonville to join JORETA. The first gentleman to join in Dobsonville was Mr. Moses Rooi, who is no longer a member due to unforeseen circumstances.

Monthly meetings were held on the first Tuesday of each month at members’ houses or residences, serving tea, sandwiches, or cakes. As membership grew to nearly one hundred, houses became small, and catering expenses were high. The executive committee moved meetings to Nokuphila Clinic in Dobsonville Extension 2. Catering teams were formed among members, and socializing continued until the impact of Covid-19 changed the setup.

Despite challenges, the area continued its activities, celebrating Octogenarians’ functions and acknowledging members’ birthdays. A trio and later a choir entertained members during special functions.

Part 2: Recent Developments

Thought Piece: The Area Secretariat Desk

Leadership-Chairpersons: The leadership baton moved from Ms. Alicia Kau to Ms. Thoko Mabaso, then to Mr. Ashley Mojela, and currently to Ms. Pansy Kodisang (from January 2023 to date).

Venue: Meetings moved from Nokuphila Clinic to St Mary’s Anglican Church after renovations.

Membership: Dobsonville area membership has grown to 215 members (191 females and 24 males).

Celebrations: Heritage Day, Octogenarian, Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are recognized and entertained.

Area Trips and Tours: Short trips and tours have been organized, fostering camaraderie among members.

Links with Community Structures/External Organizations: Close working relationships were established with Nokuphila Clinic, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, TNT Trading Store’s Place, and WhatsApp groups with other JORETA areas.

Sponsors/Sponsorships: As a non-profit organization, there are no sponsors. Fundraising drives are conducted to meet essential needs.

Fundraising Drives: Members contribute to fundraising efforts, supporting essential purchases for the area.

Other Interesting Facts About the Area: Orientation sessions for new members, communication through group leaders, and poetry contributions by Mr. Sathekge.

Conclusion: The Dobsonville area of JORETA continues to thrive, adapting to challenges and fostering a sense of community among its members.