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Meadowlands Area


The purpose of this write-up is to inform new members how we started as an area. The reason for this is to leave an accurate report for new area members.

We conducted our research by asking older members how they organized themselves. The older members were made up of a range of official and ordinary old members. As an area, we also do not want people to have myths about JORETA as well as the area.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, JORETA was established (1989). Mrs. Suzane Mophosho served in the executive of the mother body from its inception. She was a devoted member very active and healthy for her age. She served in the executive until the turn of the century.

Mrs. S. Mophosho was the first chairman of the Meadowlands area. She was among those who met some retired white teachers and got tips on how to start their own retired teachers organization. She knew her purpose, potential, and the importance of releasing it.

She used to say the power to be successful lies within you. Once you begin to step to another level, don’t ever take a step backward. She branded herself well, showed character, integrity, talent, knowledge, passion, and commitment. She knew that what you do for others remains a legacy.

After Mrs. Mophosho, there came a lady by the name of Fredda Maake who took over as chairman of the area around 2003. These were very quiet times in the area until another lady by the name of Tshidi Ditshego took over as chairman around 2012. During this time, Mrs. Joyœ Buku recruited Mthernbi to join the Meadowlands area.

Meadowlands had a sparsity of the male species; even now, the situation is still the same with only five males to date. In 2017, a new chairman was elected by the name of Samuel Mthembi. According to the members, leaders come and go, whereas the organization lives forever.

Mr. Mthembi was the first male member of the Meadowlands area followed by Mr. Thys Khuu’utlu. Mthembi had the belief that leaders establish a framework of expectations that society should have of them. They set the bar for future leaders, becoming a reference point for future generations of what it means to be a leader.

This executive came up with an area burial policy which may be improved or written afresh, as areas do need policies to run their areas properly.

After Mthembi’s leadership, there followed a feminist leadership led by Mrs. Eugenia Makoela. Times change, and Mrs. Makoela used to say be a pioneer, refuse to live in the holding, add value to your organization, strive to stand head and shoulders above the rest; success is not accidental. You prepare for it. I can, and together we can make a huge difference. That is the spirit in the Meadowlands area.

Network and not work as an island. Accept that there is no shortcut to the higher level of excellence. I quote; “One study found 350 definitions of leadership…there is no correct definition for leadership” – Bennis and Nanus 1985.

After Eugenia’s leadership, a male leadership took over by the name of Lawrence Mthombeni. Transformation in transition in 2023, and we expect a lot from this committee. That is the spirit in the Meadowlands area.

In confusion, please do look into our additional information to change.

Compiled by Mkei S. MTHEMBI.

Additional Information to Change

Meadowlands Transformation Through or dramatic change

The following impacted on Meadowlands transformation

  • The Change Leader
  • Five essential components that characterize change leaders:

    1. Moral Purpose.
    2. Understanding change.
    3. Improving relationships.
    4. Knowledge creation and sharing.
    5. Coherence making.

“This is your time, and the giant in you is becoming impatient with mediocrity!!!