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Momojama Area

Background Information

Initially, the area was called “Moroka” because most members were from the Moroka Area. As time went by, other members from Molapo, Mapetla, Jabavu joined the area; therefore, the area is now called Momojama. All this took place around 1986.

Members who started the area were 17 in number, and held their meetings on a rotational basis. The aim was to know where each of them was staying. The starting time was 9H00, which was the time used for learning (e.g., serviette folding, making flowers, health education, etc.), and then the meeting would start at 10H00.


Contributions were made as follows: R10.00 was contributed towards deaths and it later increased to R30.00 a member and R15.00 for a spouse. Monies were not banked but kept by Ms. Zulu Mildred and made it available when needed. The money amounted to R8000.00 (Eight thousand rands only), of which they decided to open a bank account. Ms. M Zulu was thanked for her honesty and trustworthiness in keeping the money safe.

General Membership

To attract members to the area, existing members had to create an environment where people were comfortable, shared thoughts and ideas, and ensured that everyone was treated equally and had a sense of belonging. Members pledged to strive for excellence and have best practices for the sake of ”Joreta”.

Executive members were urged to be supportive to all members, service all members equally, give direction where possible, and enable the ordinary to be extraordinary. During the period of review, Momojama managed to register 26 (Plus) members from Jabuzomdeni (Jabulani, Zondi, Emndeni) which led to a significant growth of the area. Currently, the membership stands at 102.

Sadly, some members have since passed on, and we still fondly hold them in our hearts.


Area meetings are held every first Monday of the month in Rockville Methodist church, where we all contribute towards affiliation, replacements, petty cash, etc. Other activities include voluntary contribution for birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day, cultural day, tours, memorial service, funeral attendance in the area and outside the area.