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Chairman’s Statement

” true legacy is to leave the Association better than you found it “


I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the veterans who selflessly started the Johannesburg Retired Teachers Association. To them I want to say, your dedication and service have made a lasting impact on all of us. We are deeply indebted and thankful for your bravery, your foresight, not only to the retiree but also to the greater teaching profession at large. Your legacy continues to inspire all of us.


To those entrusted with the responsibility of caring for the association and taking it forward, I offer this advice: respect and honour this legacy, by showing great form of discernment. Respect the values, the mission, and the vision embedded firmly in the JORETA Constitution. The Constitution that was coined with sweat and blood by our forebears. Their sacrifices and dedication should serve as a guiding light, a shining beacon as you think carefully about your leadership trajectory.

I urge the leaders of today and tomorrow to foster an inclusive environment where all JORETANS feel valued, appreciated and heard. I wish you the desire to encourage active participation and robust engagement to all subjects before you in order to ensure that JORETA thrives.
The spirit of discernment in you, should speak to you and create in you the desire to uphold the  principles of openness and transparency at all material times. Keep the lines of communication open. Enlighten your members about your leadership resolutions, decisions, activities, and finances with the intention of building an  ever lasting trust.
For JORETA to thrive, it will depend on the desirable quality of its membership. Certainly, the success and vitality of JORETA truly rest on the desirable qualities and characteristics of its membership. Such qualities can include amongst many others you can think of: “COMMITMENT”. Members who are dedicated to JORETA’s mission and goals are more likely and expected to be vocal, present actively participate and contribute positively to the betterment of the association.
“COLLABORATION”. Members and Committees willingness to work together and collaborate with one another are capable of fostering the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. The spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood can at the end manifest itself into trust, confidence and confiding in and to one another without fear of spilling the beans. Members can begin to share their feelings, secrets and things troubling them because they trust that members will not tell. 
“LEADERSHIP”. Leadership at Area level and also at mother Body level: JORETA desires to have members who are willing to take on leadership roles and responsibilities, in order to ensure the continuity and growth of JORETA.
“ENGAGEMENT”. Members of high quality are members that are active, engaged and attend all meetings, all events and contribute positively as prescribed by the JORETA Constitution.
“DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVITY”. JORETA desires a diverse membership base, that embraces diversity and inclusivity. Embracing diversity and inclusivity can lead to richer exchange of ideas and different perspectives.
“FINANCIAL SUPPORT”. The financial contributions from our members makes a crucial and significant impact towards the sustainability and the ability to carry out the many initiatives by JORETA.
Overall, the quality of our membership plays a significant role in shaping the success of the association. 
ALWAYS REMEMBER: “XA MINA XA WENA”, my predecessor, the General Chairperson, Mr L.K Maluleke.
ALWAYS REMEMBER: “MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER IN UNITY AND DEVELOPMENT”, my General Editorial Coordinator Ms Baby Kgositsile Mabalane.
ALWAYS REMEMBER: “BETTER TOGETHER, TOGETHER FOREVER, the General Chairperson, Mr Ashley Peter Mojela

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