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Joreta History

The Johannesburg Retired Teachers Association (JORETA) was established in 1989, on Tuesday the 17th of October, as Johannesburg Retired African Teachers Association (JORATA) with a signed membership of 20 members and 5 apologies, at the Orlando DOCC.


The First Executive Committee elected on the day were:

1.    Mr B Xulu (Chairman)

2.    Mr D.M Nhlapho (Dep. Chair)

3.    Mr S.C Takalo (Secretary)

4.    Mrs V.V Mlambo (Ass. Secretary)

5.    Mrs C.G Caswell (Treasurer)




6.    Mrs E.N Radebe

7.    Mr T.M Lujabe

8.    Mr J.T Ngakane




(a) General meetings were scheduled on the 2nd Tuesday of each month

(b) Executive meetings, on the 1st Tuesday of each month.


To date, this arrangement still holds. The Venue was Mooki Memorial College.

Joreta membership showed growth which included Alexandra Township.

The Association was then divided into 12 Areas and additional Executive members served as heads of sub-committees; viz. Culture, Bereavement, Tours, Hospitality and Finance.


It also became traditional that at the beginning of each year, an interesting year programme was presented. It had the following activities:-

·         A function in recognition of members reaching age 80

·         Cultural day celebration

·         JORETA departed – a memorial service for deceased members

·         Visitation to the sick and invalids at the end of the year or an outing for lunch

·         Two trips annually – a short trip of ± 2 days away from home or a long exciting trip of ± 6 days to far flung places, travelling in style by Premier Class coaches of Shosholoza Meyl.

·         We also made a contribution of R1000 to an identified charitable institution such as a needy school or hospice.



Here are some of the messages sent to housebound members:-


‘Let this problem make you better and not bitter. Let it strengthen your own bondage with God. God’s plan for you is a prosperous life, good health, happiness and fulfilment’

       Corinthians 4:6

‘Therefore we do not lose heart even though your outward man (body) is perishing, your inward man (spirit) is renewed day by day’

       Corinthians 4: 8 – 9


“We are hard pressed on every side; but not crushed. We are perplexed, but not in despair. We are persecuted, but not abandoned. We are stuck down but not destroyed. Life is a continuous process in which everybody and even you; keep on changing, it is only God who remains the same”.


21st Anniversary of JORETA

This celebration was held on the 15th of September 2010, at Diepkloof Hall.


Their Executive Team consisted of:-


1)    Mr S. Mtshali (Chairman)

2)    Mrs J. Nkhi (Secretary)

3)    Mrs O. Radebe

4)    Mrs V. Nkabinde

5)    Mrs T. Tlhong

6)    Mrs M. Makhene

7)    Mrs G. Thembekwayo

8)    Mrs D. Modukanele

9)    Mrs M. Monnathebe

10)  Mrs F. Masinga

11)  Mrs Z. Dlamini

12)  Mrs P. Mtshali




1.     Dr S.K. Matseke: He came up with the idea of sub-committees

2.     Mrs N. Mphothulo (late): She introduced printed minutes and donated cards for special occasions; e.g. Joreta departed, Octogenarians, Christmas etc

3.     Mrs Sybil Mokoena (late) was a secretary. Her active role in all fields ensured that order was always maintained.

4.     Mrs Legoale: A dedicated member, faithful to the end – she passed on at the age of 90 (2010)

5.     Mrs J. Tshabalala: A dedicated secretary. A woman of few words. She passed on in 2001.

6.     Mrs Suzane Mophosho: A devoted founder member, who was very active and healthy for her age. Very well informed on education matters served in the Executive from inception (1989) till the turn of the century.

7.     Mrs Faith Msimanag: A gifted writer who brought improvements on the culture committee. She often wrote warm messages to members on special days

8.     Mrs Peggy Mtshali: An outstanding ability to organise and manage tours. She definitely set a standard for future members

9.     Mrs Valerie Mqaba: A committed member who kept record of JORETA members and attendance for a number of years. She was rarely absent from meetings

10.  Mrs Ntsoaki Mashao: She has a gift of handing and directing programmes of various functions. She kept audiences in stitches with her light hearted stories and jokes

11.  Mrs Mary Mokgata: She handled funds with honesty, a good predecence set for future treasures

12.  Mrs Mary Makola: A faithful JORETA member. A long serving founder member. A nonagerian. Very humble, soft spoken loving member

13.  Mr J. Mahlangu: A man of few words. He served in the Executive (1990s) and guided the association through early rough patches. An energetic octogenarian.

14.  Mr H.S. Mtshali: He served for two terms, six years as JORETA Chairman. He made the association attractive to new members. His highlights: improved administration, sub-committees, tours, culture, bereavement, hospitality, annual membership forms; were created by him. He headed Joreta 10th anniversary as well as the 21st anniversary. Minutes and annual reports printed and members given copies.



15.   Mr D. Musi: He bolstered the functioning of Areas. He enhanced financial control and attendance improved. He encouraged members to actively participate in meetings. He also worked and succeeded in having JORETA registered as an NPO and emphasised the need for outreach programmes with local schools.






1.     Dr S.K Matseke

2.     Mrs M. Mokgata

3.     Mr J. Mahlangu

4.     Mr T. Lujabe

5.     Mr M. Xulu

6.     Mrs L. Mngqibisa

7.     Mrs M. Maduna

8.     Mrs G. Mbongwe

9.     Mrs M. Tshabalala

10.  Mrs J. Tshabalala

11.  Mrs S. Mophosho

12.  Mrs D. Mophosho

13.  Mrs M. Legwale

14.  Mrs N. Radebe

15.  Mrs R. Xaba

16.  Mrs E Nikiwe

17.  Mrs B Nyandeni

18.  Mr T. Mahlangu

19.  Mrs M. Malvern

20.  Mr T. Mahlangu

21.  Mrs P. Mnguni

22.  Mrs E. Kgwele

23.  Mrs N. Tshambo

24.  Mrs S. Raphela

25.  Mrs S. Nhlapo

26.  Mrs B. Mphirima




1.     Mrs I. Mbekeni

2.     Mrs Matebese

3.     Mrs M. Job




1.     Mrs W. Mngomezulu

2.     Mrs J. Mokoena

3.     Mrs Mthimkulu

4.     Mrs D. Mokoena

5.     Mrs M. Dlamini

6.     Mr S. Mohajane

7.     Mrs M. Mokhari




1.     Mr J. Lentle

2.     Mr E. Yeni

3.     Mr A. Thabethe

4.     Mrs E. Matlou




1.     Mrs J. Twala

2.     Mrs C. Ngcobo

3.     Mrs N. Dlodlo

4.     Mrs T. Ditibane

5.     Mrs F. Mannya

6.     Mrs C. Nonxuba

7.     Mrs A. Khumalo

8.     Mrs J. Lentle

9.     Mrs L. Mhlongo

10.  Mrs I. Seloma






It was easy to compile this significant history of our association because our forebears documented every occasion, including the minutes of every meeting they had. Our archives have this history stored and can be retrieved whenever it is required. We will always hold them in high esteem.