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I stand highest on a mountain top
I glide my eyes across the land
I see the epitome of your perseverance
I hear the clarion call of the educator
A persuasive song pulling us into the classroom

A call of empowerment in education
Come where the heart is calling
To you for knowledge and wisdom
Just grab an echo from me my beloved
You will conquer the world for a lifetime

You understand seasons of our lives
At ploughing seasons you tilled fallow minds
At planting seasons you sowed seeds
At watering seasons you were a fountain
You conquered hazards of education systems
You kept great attitude even when hard
God gave learners wisdom to step up correctly
They are the harvest of your selfless labour
You equipped them to greatest heights in life
They landed softly on your footprints, Octogenarian

You are a class of oak and baobab trees
Where would we be minus you?
You set tables, served and we ate
You soared like an eagle above the clouds
We give flowers you deserve
We sing and dance, we applaud and praise
We ululate, we stomp and shout!
God bless you with longevity of life


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